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Sony has actually pressed out its update for 2015 Bravia tvs running on Android TV, bringing with it the brand-new YouView experience.

YouView replaces the old EPG and also brings with it a number of advantages, upgrading your already clever TV, making a series of things slicker, less complex as well as far better than in the past.

YouView currently feeds on a number of set-top boxes – from TalkTalk, BT and also Humax for example – yet its combination right into Sony’s tvs in the UK is a huge offer, both for Sony as well as YouView, but a lot more significantly for you, the proprietor of one of these collections.

What is YouView?
YouView is a TV system that aims to perfectly incorporate live TV services with the UK’s catch-up offerings. As opposed to make you quit enjoying TV to open up the BBC iPlayer app for example, it will just let you scroll your electronic program guide (EPG) back and choose exactly what you wish to view.

It’s as straightforward as scrolling onward to locate something you wish to watch later on in the day, support configuring up 7 days in the past, along with in the future.

YouView has actually been offered for numerous years and also has around 2 million active customers presently. Numerous will certainly be obtaining YouView from BT or TalkTalk TV plans, but the manage Sony is the first time it has presented on mass scale to a supplier’s televisions.

YouView claims that its platforms has regarding 17,000 programmes in all, which’s spread throughout online Freeview HD networks as well as catch-up programming.

Why is YouView on Sony Bravia TVs a big deal?
Sony is the first tv manufacturer to directly integrate YouView into its tvs. It will be turning out as a cost-free update on all 2015 Bravia models operating on Android TV. It is a complimentary upgrade and also YouView is a totally free service, based on Freeview broadcast web content.

There’s a lot taking place on those Bravia models, due to the fact that not just do you have the initial generation of Sony’s Android TVs, yet you’re now likewise getting YouView too. Both are smart platforms as well as both will exist side-by-side on your Sony TV. Trust us, the move to YouView is a good thing, as this is a very strong system and also offers a whole lot of pleasant functions.

Also, YouView is a special UK system, so those fortunate individuals in the UK with the most up to date Sony TV are obtaining something unique.

YouView replaces your previous program guide
There’s guide button on your remote that you most likely make use of everyday. It opens the EPG so you could search TV programmes to see just what’s on. That EPG is now replaced by YouView.

YouView is the EPG. Unlike Freeview where each manufacturer gets to determine how the information is depicted and also navigated in the EPG, YouView is standardised across gadgets. When you open the new YouView EPG on your Sony TV, it looks practically similar to that of a YouView set-top box.

This isn’t really simply a straight port, YouView hasn’t already been inserted in, it rather takes advantage of the Sony Bravia’s power to make it a bit much more distinct. The EPG on Sony TV’s has a translucency, sitting over the online channel you’re enjoying, as opposed to offering you a small intermediary in the leading right-hand corner previewing the channel.

From within this EPG you could scroll forward to see what’s on, and you can scroll back to flawlessly access web content on catch-up TV solutions. You’re no more restricted to live enjoying or going into the house menu, choosing the app you desire for catch-up, opening up that as well as browsing. It’s currently seamless. Oh, as well as it’s truly fast also.

Sony YouView: Integrated catch-up
YouView on your Sony TV offers a complete range of UK catch-up services. You have BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4 as well as Need 5 and as we’ve stated, all these services are linked right into the EPG. When there’s a programme offered, you’ll have the ability to see it and start it playing pretty much quickly.

When you choose what you intend to enjoy, the TV leaps to that app and also away you go. It’s extremely fast, with YouView informing us it’s obtained rate by leveraging the Bravia’s handling power. YouView is even saying that it’s slicker compared to a few of the set-top boxes.

The gamers themselves are hosted on the YouView system, however you can access them with a variety of opportunities. They are detailed as applications within the Android TV House menu of your Sony TV, along with being accessible from the YouView side. They are the same apps, however if you want to go directly to BBC iPlayer as well as just surf, you’re cost-free to do so.

They also have actually material incorporated right into YouView’s search feature and also the Discover feature, which we’ll speak about in a 2nd.

YouView is the slickest execution of seamless online and catch-up TV that we’ve seen, better than Freeview Play from just what we’ve seen thus far, so this is a large increase to your Sony TV.

However, YouView just deals in those core catch-up channels, it doesn’t host various other content resources, these stay in the routine Sony House menu.

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